Taking One for the Team

This one is going to hurt.  The Mitchell Report will pop the cork on Pandora’s box and we will need to ride out a horrific storm.  In the end we hope the ship realigns and courage to do the right thing replaces the passive and expedient thing.  Professional baseball is going to struggle to maintain equilibrium.  The lethargic approach to banning and testing for performance enhancing substances is boomeranging back.  It is going to get ugly.  Cheaters need to go.  Some million dollar athletes will find out that the rest of us do not make that kind of money … and neither should they if they cannot do it cleanly. 

The great ray of hope is the purest game of baseball.  Watch a little league, high school, college or even a Men’s Senior Baseball League game and the game is played in a tidal wave of joy, honor and sportsmanship.  Hopefully, the Mitchell Report will drive a stake in the ground and professional baseball will go an sin no more.


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