Up from the Grave

Last month, on Easter Sunday, I sat in the bright Arizona sunshine with my son, Peter, at a Diamondbacks – Brewers spring training game.  The Maryville ballpark is cozy, pristine and a terrific place to watch a game.  It was a beautiful day.  There was some irony involved with seeing a game on Easter Sunday.  Without intending to be, that game was all about resurrection, new life and transformation.  The winter had grown dark with the steriod hearings and Mitchell report, but somehow, that day in the cozy Maryville park, the light was shinning and baseball, the way it supposed to be played, was back.  It is certainly true in the case of Major League Baseball that “cleanliness is next to Godliness.”  The winter seas were rough with all the Bonds to Clemens saddness, but that Easter Sunday the celebration of the colossial ressurrection of Jesus Christ was also linked to the phoenix rise of Major League Baseball.  Look at the starrt of this season.  Is there any team more fun to watcvh Doug Davis.jpgplay the game than the young and talented Arizona Diamondbacks?  This bolg, Laying Out is dedicated to those willing to give their all out effort.  The Diamondbacks streaking start is a statement that last year was not enough.  They are driven.  The heart of the D-Backs is more important to me because it signals the resurrection of real baseball in MLB.  No one more epitimizes the Laying Out heart more than Doug Davis.  No public self pity, no grand standing and no whinning.  Doug simply did his job, helped his team and went absolutely as far as the doctors and his body would allow.  No selfishness, just passionate team play!  Happily, baseball is back and we all look forward to the healthy return of #49!


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