Significant Influence from the Bench

There is a reason the young Diamondbacks play so hard.  Actually, there are several reasons, but one significant influence has gone unnoticed.  Much attention has been given to the amazing array and develpment of draft picks, to the aggressive and successful front office team as well as the truly insightful leadership of the manager Bob Melvin.  One of the least mentioned reasons for the quality play of such a young team has been the undeniable Gibson.jpginfluence and impact of the D-Backs bench coach.  Recently, Micah Owings headed up to the plate in a pinch hitting role and promptly took the first pitch deep for an opposite field homerun to tie the game.  In the post game victory interview Micah indicated the last person he spoke to before heading up to the plate was “Gibby”.  Arizona bench coach Kirk Gibson is a huge reason for the young D-Backs great success.  The next time a TV camera scans the dugout take note of two things.  First, young D-Backs are always standing near Kirk Gibson.  In fact, the closer and more intense the game is, the more are standing near him.  It’s all business and his presence seems to radiat focus and success.  Second, notice how the faces of the young D-Backs reflect the Gibson “game face”.  We can see it in Mr. Gibson’s eyes and the eyes of his apprentices. Manager bob Melvin’s cereberal, almost magical management skills instill confidence in every Diamondback while Kirk Gibson’s passionate intensity brings competitive greatness to this team.  What better mentor to teach the right way to play baseball.  Kirk Gibson is the significant influence from the bench! 


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