Back in the Saddle Again

A seasoned GM, several new coaches, additions to the roster and a sparkling new Spring Training facility means the time for D-Backs baseball is here! There is one single, strong message from Kevin Tower’s General Manager’s office, “The status quo is not acceptable!” Energy and enthusiasm for playing the game right in the passionate pursuit of victory is the D-Back trademark firmly rooted in the hearts of GM Towers as well as field manager Kirk Gibson. The memo is clear: Bring your “A” game everyday or do not plan on being a part of this club! As far as roster moves, Mr. Towers knows what he is doing and is certainly unafraid when it comes to pulling out all the stops until the club is right. Even the commitment to such a first class facility at Walking Stick demonstrated this organizations dedication to the task of winning as a habit. Of course there is a lot of variables in the 162 game adventure, but at this point, in the land of the Diamondbacks, there is certainly cause for great expectations.


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