Play Ball, 2012 Style!

Okay, the winter is official over!  This week we roll out MLB 2012 and the timing is perfect.  There are a lot great openers, but none better than the Giants and Diamondback kicking off the season in Phoenix!  It does not get any better than Tim Lincecum vs. Ian Kennedy.  College rivals at Washington and USC respectively, these two are competitors on competitive teams!  Both teams are well managed with outstanding coaching staffs, both teams have active front office experts and both teams are beloved in their own home towns!  Credit San Francisco management with going out in the off season to get some offense to go with their incredible pitching staff, but never count Mr. Kevin Towers out of working with Kirk Gibson to fortify the D-Backs roster with aggressive moves!  The fact that the season opener for the Giants and D-Backs is on Good Friday and continues through Easter weekend is the most significant reminder about keeping baseball in perspective.  With the highest priorities being God, family, community and country we are ready to enjoy the blessing of Major League Baseball 2012!


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